Iggy Azalea’s Wardrobe Malfunctions Didn’t Gain Sympathy At All

Usually, artists suffering from wardrobe malfunction gain sympathy. This is true especially for those who have wholesome image and lovable attitude. This is not necessarily the case for Iggy Azalea’s wardrobe malfunction. People don’t mock her for the wardrobe malfunctions, but they just couldn’t care less. They are more concerned about seeing her as a performer when she is not seen as a legit rapper to begin with.

A wardrobe malfunction left Iggy Azalea with exposed breasts during a red carpet event. She didn’t even seem to notice it at first.

Iggy took the risk of wearing a dress with really high slit during the MTV EMA 2013. She was obviously struggling with it at the red carpet.

Iggy ripped her pants off while dancing on stage. She tried to sit down in the middle of a performance when her pants suddenly popped open.

Sometimes, Iggy’s fashion choices put her in trouble. She loves wearing fitted pants while performing an upbeat song. Hence, she is always at risk of a wardrobe malfunction.

Iggy is one of the most controversial and even hated artists. When she suffers from wardrobe malfunction, she usually doesn’t gain sympathy, but laughter.

Iggy’s fashion choices are usually risky. Hence, she has suffered from wardrobe malfunction quite a few times.

Although there were instances when she suffered from serious wardrobe malfunction, there were times when she openly showed her butt while performing on stage.

Iggy is the type of artist who doesn’t seem to be afraid exposing her body in public. She has been very confident of her style.

Although she suffered from wardrobe malfunction quite a few times, they don’t make the headlines. Her controversial statements and fights with other artists usually land there.

Iggy is usually accused for her unintelligible rapping. Hence, her wardrobe issues are the least of people’s concerns.