Over 40 Ab Solution Review – Unmasked

There are a lot of fitness programs available out there but a majority of these programs are designed for young people. Maybe because they know that older people find it difficult to lose weight. In this Over 40 Ab Solution Review, will take a closer look at what this program can offer. Know what makes it so unique and discover the ways of how this program works wonders for people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s.

As we age, our body tends to slow down. This is true and scientifically proven that metabolic rate of older people is slower. That said, most fitness programs target the young and more active people, instead of the older ones.

Who is Shaun Hadsall?

In this program, Shaun did not discuss anything about himself but in his other creations, he says that he’s a fitness and weight-loss coach and a nutrition expert. In his story, his wife Karen suffered from colorectal cancer where she gained so much weight that it’s kind of a challenge for her to move. According to their story, none of whatever they tried worked so they tried to come up with a solution and thus, the Over 40 Ab Solution.

Nevertheless, there were no clear mentions that Hadsall is non-existent and besides, he provided pictures in his programs to prove their and their program’s legitimacy.

What is Over Ab Solution?

Over 40 Ab Solution is a diet program, designed for the matured population. The price at the moment is $20 and available only in digital format.

As per the author, the Over 40 Ab Solution claims that it does not need special gadgets or expensive equipment. Moreover, you can do it in the comfort of your own homes. You can do it right after waking up, while waiting for your dinner, in between television shows, you name it.

How, you may ask? Because his program details 12-minute exercises that would be extremely effective if done daily and properly.

The program guarantees results that last and that they have the best customer service in the fitness industry. It offers a 90-day, no questions asked money-back guarantee should you find the diet program ineffective.

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Does the Over 40 Ab Solution really work? Here’s what we found out…

When you purchase the Over 40 Ab Solution, you’ll get the 50-page training manual about 12-minute exercises. It lists down the different suggested healthy food you can prepare each day and meal of the week. You will also get the so-called success tracker which helps you track your progress. This serves as an encouragement tool that tells you to keep going.

Many people have tried Shaun’s product and it is not surprising that most Over 40 Ab Solution reviews were disappointing. A majority of the feedback said that the program is not helping them and is not delivering the promise it tells. However, there are some who provided positive insights about the program. Not only did it help them become more physically fit, but it also improved a lot in their system.

What can I get out of the program if I purchase it?

Buying the program would give you the main manual of twenty different exercises. It is equivalent to twelve minutes if you workout, if done correctly. No need for you to go to the gym, no need for expensive equipment, just you, a good amount of space, and you’re all good.

As mentioned earlier, it also includes a tracker for your progress. In order for you to have a visual representation of your development, the package helps you with your own personal tracker.

It also gives you three bonus features:

Lean 19

This add-on educates you on what best meals to consume to help your body to burn fat 24/7. Moreover, it’ll also contain useful guides to help you somehow moderate your sugar levels.

Fast Start Guide

A compressed version of the Over 40 Ab Solution, this guide talks about how you can follow the program effectively even if you spend countless hours working.

Stubborn Fat Solution

Lastly, this add-on is an exercise that runs for seven minutes. You’re recommended to do it daily for maximum and optimal results. This feature swears to get rid of locked fat cells in your bodies by burning it.

Are there coupons and discounts?

Originally, the package is sold at $80. However, purchasing it directly from their website gives you an automatic 75% discount. You can visit their website at https://www.over40absolution.com/over40

The only disadvantage of buying it online is that the website forces you to subscribe to a $7/month fitness program/website. You can’t disable this as the box is locked as ticked. But if you’re really interested, I would suggest buying it from their website to avail of the discount and besides, the add-on website or program gives you a complementary feature to your Over 40 Ab Solution package.

You can use your credit cards in purchasing as they accept credit cards.

Is the Over 40 Ab Solution recommended even to those who are not 40 years old?

Although the program is made particularly for people aged 40 and above, youngsters and adults can definitely follow the program as well. What it will do is it’ll help prevent the catastrophic fact of you easily gaining weight when you reach your late 30s.

The program will help you balance your metabolism and digestive processes to ensure that you won’t have a difficult time when you age.

It’s definitely a recommendable feature to me especially to those who have been gaining few too many pounds even when they’re not overeating. Although there are multiple bad Over 40 Ab Solution reviews on the net, it’s still a program that would help people with their weight-loss problems. Negative reviews might be the fruit of improper training or incorrect diet. Furthermore, the results may vary – what happens to you might not exactly happen to others, and vice versa.

If you’re looking for a program to help you in weight-loss and you’re tired of the scams all over the web, why not try Over 40 Ab Solution now? Besides, they offer a refund in the event that you don’t find it helpful.

<<< Try It Now With Full 60-days Money Back Guarantee <<<