Tranquillis by Howard Briggs Review – Does It Really Work?

Tranquillis is another medical treatment created to combat Tinnitus. This product is made by Howard Briggs who, himself is a medical librarian. As the number of people acquiring tinnitus is increasing, in a certain chart in US says that 1 in 5 Americans has it, now it is time to help them by introducing this product to them, so they will be able to return back to their condition where their hearing state was just normal but before that, we really need to make sure if it’s effectively working or not.

It is necessary to lessen the presence of tinnitus if you have it, as you know that when it worsen, you may develop some neurological symptoms. In this Tranquillis Review, everything will be discussed if such as its side effects, how it works, ingredients used and other more, for someone like you who is interested to purchase a product then it is highly advisable for you to continue reading.

About the manufacturer 

The maker of Tranquillis, Howard Briggs, is said to be a dedicated medical librarian who has experience in medical history for more than 30 years. Before he was able to discover this great treatment, things were not good at his side as he was also afflicted by this certain condition. After that, he tried to try various proper treatment from different doctors, he was still not satisfied by its result, that’s why he came up with a new treatment that is based with the natural ingredients and not well known to the other doctors and in general public.

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About Tinnitus

Tinnitus is a condition where a certain person often hears buzzing in their ears, but aside from it, they may also hear whistling, wheezing, humming or chirping when it is not yet that mild and if it is now mild, most likely you will hear roaring from unknown things. Tinnitus is said to be affecting 50 million Americans, most people who happen to have more than 50 years of age, but kids and teenager can experience it.


What is great about this Tranquillis is that it doesn’t contain any artificial or chemical ingredients, and this would immediately mean that there are no side effects that you would likely to experience upon using this product which is definitely a thumbs up. This product is designed mostly of natural ingredients as many people today rely on the healing effect of a traditional medicine.

These ingredients are:

  • Hawthorn berries and Hibiscus combination – used to lessen the noise that you kept on hearing.
  • Olive leaves – used to strengthen the pathway for your neurological nerves.
  • Vitamin B3 or Niacin – improves your brain performance by repairing any damaged brain nerves.
  • Vitamin B6 – makes your brain nerves stronger.
  • Vitamin B12 – the same effect to Vitamin B6.
  • Buchu Leaves – helps to boost your brain nerves.
  • Green tea, uva ursi, juniper leaves – used as detoxification for your brain.


This first advantage that you would notice about this is that the product is affordable for everyone out there who are suffering tinnitus so if ever you are struggling with money then this is a great opportunity for you. Because of this, you don’t have to spend too much money in purchasing medicines that are not effective enough to elevate the symptoms of the said disease.

Most Tranquillis reviews state that the advantage you would likely to notice about this is that product only consist ingredients that are natural which means don’t expect that it contains harmful side effects at all. These would make the whole product 100% safe to use and guaranteed.

The third advantage that you would notice about this is that you can reclaim the money that you had spent on this if ever you found this, not helpful in terms of curing your disease.


If you are a type of person who is more on meet-ups rather than purchasing in the online websites, then this could be a disadvantage for you because it is only available online, but you can ask someone else to purchase it for you. Another disadvantage is that if you are not fond of taking pills then this product is not for you as it comes in a supplement pill.

Side effects 

Since most of the ingredients are natural, it is impossible to experience side effects unless you have an allergy to those ingredients that are used in this product. If ever you are intaking more than two tablet per day, then that’s the time where you could experience complication while waiting for your tinnitus to be cured. To ensure your own safety, strictly follow the said dosage to avoid any future incidents.

Where can you look for Tranquillis?

Tranquillis has its own official website, and you could easily search for it using your browsers. You could place your order in their website. It is highly advised for you to visit their website, so you could learn more including the possible price of this new treatment

Is it a scam or not?

I consider this one as not a scam because many people who are affected by tinnitus are recommending other people to intake this supplement pill for it is truly effective when it comes to lessening tinnitus that you have. Not only that, it is 100% scientifically proven which means it is guaranteed for us to follow the methods.

Final Conclusion

For those people who have money and health issues this product can be for you. Trying these simple dietary supplements won’t kill you as you know that it was created by natural ingredients and it is impossible to have a side effect from those ingredients, as long as you will strictly the instructions that are written there. Judging from different Tranquillis Review, many people who are diagnosed with this disease, endorse Tranquillis for its great results when it comes to managing Tinnitus

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