Gary Watson’s Fat Burning Fingerprint Review – Is it for you?

Being overweight is uncomfortable. It causes burden to someone because it damages the health. The most common serious health problems like heart disease, diabetes and strokes and other types of cancer are linked to obesity.

One of the solutions of losing weight is to limit the calories intake and have a balanced meal. Also, the other way to burn extra calories is doing exercise. It is helpful for weight loss. Exercise can increase metabolism and can maintain lean body mass which also helps increase number of calories burnt each day.

This Fat Burning Fingerprint review will explain the benefits of the program on how to get rid of fat and lose weight by determining the specific metabolic type of the person.


The program has 94 pages of guidelines that are intended to help shed fat and lose weight to those who desires to achieve normal weight. This is not easy because losing weight and shedding fat needs focused in order to lose weight naturally and easily.

The Fat Burning Fingerprint Program explains that everyone has a specific metabolic type. It depends on the unique fat-burning fingerprint of the person. Most importantly, losing weight should be long term.

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Additionally, Watson emphasized the importance of determining  the specific nutritional fat-burning fingerprint type.  By following the guidelines, one will learn to maximize weight loss results based on the unique nutritional metabolic type.

The program offers a complete nutritional weight-loss guide as fast-track guidelines. There is also an outline of the seven super hormones and a mini e-book describing the 3 foods to be avoided.

The Author 

Gary Watson is behind the program. He is the No. 1 best selling authors and known as the U.S. leading Total Body Transformation experts, kinesiologist, celebrity trainer, and all-around fat burning guru who literally helped and improved people’s lives. He has transformed people’s mindset, eating styles and bodies. His extraordinary enthusiasm for his interest in health and wellness described him as extraordinary. He is also considered as a dynamic leader, coach, trainer, presenter, and mentor because of his excellence in communication and knowledge.  Due to his experience as a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) he introduced the Fat Burning Fingerprint Program that helped a lot of people focusing on an easy fat burning.

The Program

It is important to understand the basic guidelines to enjoy the benefits of the program. Initially, the importance of determining the specific type of fingerprint either S-Fat and M-Fat. In doing this the ideal metabolic meal plan will be identified. Also, find out the favorite meal plan and stick to it to attain positive results.

Ultimately, the program will help people realize how the food industry manipulates the minds of the consumers. Likewise, it will allow someone to understand the concept of Bermuda Triangle of processed foods. Basically, the most common processed foods that are identified as unhealthy are sugar, trans fats, and estrogenic additives.

Moreover, the program explains, with corresponding research, the effects of eating these foods to the body. It is important to learn how to balance the diet, especially eating well with the right percentage of proteins, fats and carbs in the diet.  Every person has a variations of diet depending on the body. This is the reason why Watson provided the questionnaires to determine the specific meal plan of each individual. Once the specific metabolic type of the person is identified this the time where he or she will decide on how to balance the diet.

Specifically, list below are the three types of metabolic diet:

  1. S-Fat Carbo Type. These are individuals who have slow metabolism. They like to eat sweet foods and even food containing caffeine. The diet of this type of person should have more on carbohydrates which is 60% then 25 % for protein and 15% of fat.
  2. F-Fat Protein Type. These are individuals who can burn fats much more than carbohydrates. They like to eat fatty and salty foods. This metabolic type should have more percentage of protein which is 40% in his diet. The meal should also include 30% for both fats and carbohydrates.
  3. M-Fat Mixed Type. These are individuals where they can mix both protein type and carbo type foods. Also, varieties of meals can help since this is one of the easiest diet to manage.  The diet should consist more of carbohydrates which is 50%. However, there is lesser percentage of fats in the diet which is 20% only but for proteins there should be 30% in the diet.

Moreover, there will be a guide provided for a specific meal plan. The hormones known as leptin and insulin will be activated for at least three-week meal plan. Leptin regulates energy intake and fat stores, so that weight is maintained within a relatively narrow range, which aids the body to burn fat effectively.

Pros and Cons 

The benefits of the program are to be able to lock to the one’s genes and finding exactly the specific type of fat burning fingerprint then lose the weight and achieve the normal body mass index (BMI).

  • It is not all about losing weight but improves health as well.
  • The program is helpful in losing weight because it does not apply the “one plan fits all approach” because there is a specific meal plan for every person depending on his/her metabolic type.
  • The result is remarkable it can lose at least a few pounds within the first week.
  • •It will provide important knowledge on the foods that are harmful to the body.

Although, the program has promised to help someone to lose weight, if one will not find out his specific metabolic type, the ratio and specific foods to be eaten will not be balanced.

There are people skeptical of the benefits of the program so there is a 60-day 100% Money Back Guarantee if the Fat Burning Fingerprint program is not effective. Just send an email and there will a full refund.

What do customers have to say?

Below are the examples of positive feedback of satisfied customers who appreciated the Fat Burning Fingerprint based on the reviews. It allows them to transform and improve their lives.

Cindy Gail from West Virginia said that she was previously overweight and then she got heavier even if she only ate less and did some exercises. When she heard about the program, twelve week later she felt the difference. Also, she had gained more energy and confidence in going to the gym.

Also, another satisfied customer, Rick O’Neal from Tampa, Florida that he had tried a lot of programs on losing weight. When tried the Fat Burning Fingerprint Program the result was better and it is fast.

A mom and a full-time teacher also tried the program lost 17 pounds down and she feels great. Even her husband and son also tried the benefit of the Fat Burning Fingerprint.

It is available online

The product is available online for $37 dollars only. Also, included in the program are the discussions on the following:

  • The fast track guide
  • 7 super fat burning hormones
  • The Bermuda Triangle foods

Conclusion and Recommendation

The program is strongly recommended for those who want to lose weight and gets healthy. Also, it is proven that losing weight can reduce the risk of some potentially health problems.

This Fat Burning Fingerprint Program review has provided an idea that it is important to determine your specific metabolic type before starting to create your meal plans, wherein there is a specific ratio of carbs, proteins and fats. Another important thing is being aware and avoid the unhealthy foods.

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