The Faith Diet Review. Do You Have Faith to lose those excess pounds?

There have been so many diets over the years it’s hard to keep count, with fads like Mediterranean diet, Atkins diet where you only eat protein, and so many other diets to mention. This is a Faith Diet Review. So what’s it all about? The Faith Diet in its initial overview is based on the Holy Bible. It was developed by a father of the church named Simon White. The whole premise of The Faith Diet is we go back to the food groups eaten in and around the time Jesus Christ walked on this earth. From my limited knowledge of the Holy Bible the food groups eaten in those days were wholesome. But sadly as it is now how it was then, the food you eat depends on your social standing.

Who Should Try the Faith Diet?

Today’s society of fast food and food on the go mentality has meant people across the world have become fat! Not just fat but obese, ourselves our children, friends, neighbors you name it we all know someone that really needs to lose weight, I being one of those people. Being overweight is dangerous and causes unnecessary strain on your heart and joints not to mention the diseases like diabetes and high blood pressure that will ultimately end your life prematurely. So if you have dieted unsuccessfully before you will know the frustration felt in not losing weight. Faith Diet could be the diet for you.

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How Does The Faith Diet Work?

This review offers a brief explanation of how this diet works and works without you needing to spend hours on the tread mill or visiting the Gym five day every week.

If we look back 2,000 years and particularly to the region of the Mediterranean and the Dead Sea, these are the area’s most documented in the Holy Bible, well at least when it comes to Jesus Christ and His disciples. This diet works because if you live by a restricted calorie intake you lose weight. Think what was available 2.000 years ago in this particular area, Almonds, legumes, squash, fish, chicken, and grapes, just to mention a few. There is one thing missing – starch and possibly gluten. They ate unleavened bread not the communion type but more like pita bread. It was healthy and wholesome, with no artificial sweeteners or corn sweeteners added for extra flavor and inches around the waist line.

What was the diet 2,000 years ago?

  • Fish
  • Chicken
  • Goat
  • Whole Grains
  • Squash
  • Nuts
  • Figs and Berries

In the time of the Holy Bible food was simple; no one had two spoons of sugar in their coffee, and refined sugar had not been invented but they had natural sweet foods like dates and figs. This Faith Diet Review emphasizes the need for natural food groups restricted to the time period.

We know from this time period and location that spices were in abundance giving essential nutrients to the body. Fish would have played an enormous part of the daily diet, fished from the Mediterranean Sea and the Sea of Galilee.

The Faith Diet says that if you are a Christian then the Holy Spirit will help you make the correct food choices every day. This will enable you to flush the toxins from your body to lose weight and start to feel great again. It seems if you have faith in Jesus Christ then this is the diet for you giving you all you need to achieve your goals, your ideal weight, and size.

Any side effects?

There are no reported side effects to The Faith Diet but obviously be aware of any food allergies you may have as a precaution you should check with your medical practitioner before embarking on a strict diet for a long period of time. Be sure to drink adequate fluids and keep hydrated.


  • You will start to see the changes in your body quickly
  • You will eliminate toxins from your body
  • The Faith Diet does not insist on rigorous exercise
  • You will receive an elevated feeling of well being and energy
  • You will be able to buy off the shelf clothing without embarrassment.
  • The Faith Diet comes with a sixty day money back guarantee allowing you time to fully evaluate the product.
  • Nutrient and vitamin rich produce


  • You should be a Christian and have faith In Jesus Christ
  • If you want results, then you need to follow The Faith Diet very strictly.
  • You can only find information by spending $37 to purchase the book.

Where to buy the Faith Diet

I found that was a good place to purchase it. It currently has a $10 discount making it an affordable $27 that is well worth taking advantage of if you are looking to buy now. You will find The Faith Diet on multiple web sites; it is an easy process to purchase the book.


This Faith Diet Review finds assumptions of a 2,000-year old diet to be sound in principle. I however feel that such a strict diet can be difficult to follow, unless you are seeing miraculous results on a daily basis, I am not saying that will not happen to you and with the power of the Holy Spirit behind you then all things are possible.

The author Simon White clearly has faith in his product by offering a 60-day money back no questions asked guarantee. I doubt if money is his motivation for The Faith Diet. For me it would take a leap of faith to tackle this diet. It is stated to have a strict regimen. This would not suit my personality but for 27 bucks I am sure it would be an interesting read if I couldn’t stick to the diet.

<<< Try It Now With Full 60-days Money Back Guarantee <<<