KitchenAid KUDS30CXSS 24 in Stainless Steel Dishwasher Review

KitchenAid KUDS30CXSS 24 in Stainless Steel DishwasherKitchenAid has long been known as a big name in quality kitchen appliances. KitchenAid has helped make life more convenient for millions because of its many innovative products. If you are burdened with loads of dishes to wash and are looking for an efficient dishwasher with a big capacity the Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in Stainless Steel Dishwasher can be the best answer to your need. With this dishwasher’s interior 20% bigger than standard tubs tall items which normally will not fit standard tubs can easily fit. Designed to accommodate 15 place settings this 24 inch tub dishwasher is rated well in best portable dishwasher reviews because of its impressive features and performance.

The Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in dishwasher has cleaning features, which other dishwashers in its category do not have. It has high-pressured spray jets that are capable of giving heavily soiled dishes and cutlery a good scrub so dried food deposits are washed away easily. With this feature there is no need to pre-rinse soiled dishes before they are loaded into the dishwasher. Seemingly to complement this feature the Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. dishwasher also has a built-in food disposer to keep the wash water clean and free of food particles washed out from the dishes. This disposer helps ensure that food particles do not end up deposited back on the dishes. This remarkable dishwasher also has sensors that automatically adjust the cycle depending on soil content, load level and/or water temperature so that excellent cleaning efficiency is achieved. Unlike other dishwashers, the Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. Dishwasher has spray arms instead of a central tower. These spray arms allow more wash levels and occupy less rack space therefore maximizing load capacity.

Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. dishwasher has 4 cycle selections and 6 different cycle options which includes a sanitary cycle that is NSF certified to get rid of 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Water temperature in the dishwasher can reach approximately 150-degrees to help disinfect dishes. The Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. dishwasher has an internal heating element that dries dishes faster thereby reducing spotting on dishes especially on glassware.

Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. dishwasher is made of commercial grade stainless steel which gives it a sleek exterior. Its stainless steel interior aids in drying dishes faster because stainless steel has excellent heat-retaining and water condensing-properties. The Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. dishwasher has an upper and lower rack both made of high quality nylon. The racks have fold-down tines to keep loose dishes in place and to provide space for large dishes. In the absence of a cutlery tray this dishwasher has a large silverware basket that can be moved and divided in different ways or fitted with covered slots.

Aside from the excellent features of the Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. dishwasher it is also several notches higher than other brands in its category in terms of energy efficiency. Energy star qualified, it utilizes 7 per cent less energy and 20 percent less water than the maximum allowed. This dishwasher has an economy cycle for washing lightly-soiled dishes that would help you save further on water and energy since lower temperature, less water and time is used. The KitchenAid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. dishwasher also has a delay start feature which is an added energy saving feature that automatically turns on the dishwasher during off-peak energy hours when electric rates are lower. In terms of sound ratings, this dishwasher from Kitchen Aid has a sound decibel level of 49dBA, which is 4 dba quieter than the average sound rating of the top 18%of the best dishwashers.

All these fine features of this remarkable dishwasher come with a high price though. With an MSRP of $ 999 it is 28% more expensive than average placing it in the top 23% of higher-cost dishwashers.