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Maytag MDC4809PAW JetClean Plus 24″ White Portable Full Console Dishwasher

Maytag MDC4809PAW JetCleanMaytag started out as a company manufacturing washing machines in 1893. Through the years the company continued to expand and added different household appliances including dishwashers.
An established company that has built a solid reputation through its long years of existence, its dishwashers, like its parent company, is backed by years of experience, technological advancement and manufacturing expertise.

The Maytag MDC4809PAW JetClean Plus 24″ is a high-end portable dishwasher that combines strength and flexibility. The dishwasher is Energy Star certified, with a motor that lasts twice as long as the average dishwashers. The best is that this is a portable dishwasher that you can store in any available space in your home and easily move it to your kitchen when needed.

This particular Maytag portable dishwasher model has a large capacity with its 10 place settings, suitable for a large household. It has five wash cycles. It does not occupy that much space. It is only 24 1/8 inches wide, 37 inches high and 26 ½ inches deep. The rack is made of durable vinyl, and its tub and interior finish made of strong plastic that can withstand interior heat.

Product Features

JetClean II Wash System

Maytag MDC4809PAW JetClean Plus 24″ has its own proprietary high-pressure wash system called the JetClean II. It consists of powerful spray jets that help in removing the toughest food particles that cling to dishes, pans and pots. Its filtration system catches the tiniest food particles and keeping them from getting into the wash cycle again. This system makes it possible to eliminate the need to pre-rinse your kitchen utensils. Bigger cleaning performance is achieved by its High Temperature Wash option.

4-Blade Stainless Steel Chopper

Another innovation in this Maytag portable dishwasher is the inclusion of a 4-blade chopper made of stainless steel. This is capable of pulverizing food particles, making them so tiny that they will not clog the spray jets and the machine’s wash system.

Long-life motor

The motor of the Maytag MDC4809PAW JetClean Plus 24″ has been thoroughly tested and is guaranteed to last twice as long as the life expectancy of an average dishwasher, assuring you of additional savings.

Other features

The Maytag MDC4809PAW JetClean Plus 24″ Portable Full Console Dishwasher in white is also equipped with a tall tub that has an oversize capacity, making it very suitable for large families. A touch pad makes it convenient and easy to use the microprocessor controls. Its upper rack is tiered and all the racks are vinyl coated. Included is a removable single piece silverware basket. There are two spray arms and automatic rinse agent dispenser.

Product Summary

For a portable and compact dishwasher, the Maytag MDC4809PAW JetClean Plus 24″ Portable Full Console Dishwasher provides superior performance for its size. It has a large capacity that allows for more dishes and utensils to be cleaned at one go. The motor is dependable and guaranteed to outlast regular dishwashers. With its High Temperature Wash option and its JetClean II Wash System, you are assured that your dishes and other utensils will come out very clean and sanitized. It also comes with a one-hour dish washing option, a feature that benefits homemakers who are in a hurry, as well as a four-hour delay option. The dishes come out almost dry as well. Even its wooden countertop provides a dual purpose. It can double up as an extra counter when not in use. It is also NSF certified.

Pros and Cons

Users of the Maytag MDC4809PAW JetClean Plus 24″ Portable Full Console Dishwasher are satisfied with its sleek design, its clean lines, its energy and resources saving features and its overall powerful dish cleaning performance, topped with its bigger capacity.

There are a few things that are not satisfactory about this dishwasher. One is its price, which at $713 is quite high. The other factor is its noise, which is at 57 decibels.

Bosch SHX55R55UC 500 24″ Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher

Bosch SHX55R55UC 500It’s a dream of any modern homemaker to have a fully functional kitchen with all the modern conveniences and gadgets that make working in the kitchen and preparing food as fast and easy as possible. If you have a large family and you can afford it, a fully integrated dishwasher is a kitchen appliance that is right for you. After all that cooking, you definitely need help in cleaning up.

It is a tedious task to immerse your hands in water, washing all the dirty dishes, glassware and cutlery and spending additional time scrubbing dirty pans and pots thick with grease and dried up food particles. A fully integrated dishwasher will do the job for you; keep your dishes and all your kitchen utensils clean and sanitized and give you back the time you normally spend washing up to do other chores, help your children with their homework or basically relax after preparing dinner for the whole family.

The Bosch SHX55R55UC 500 24″ Stainless Steel Built-In Dishwasher is a dream come true. It is sleekly designed, with its stainless body giving your kitchen a splashy and modern look and its color blending well with the other kitchen appliances that you already have. It’s not just looks though as this Bosch 500 series dishwasher has plenty of features, such as eliminating the need to pre-soak your dishes. It is also capable of scrubbing and polishing your dishes and utensils.

The SHX55R55UC is not overly large, which is a big plus. It is only 33 7/8 inches high, nearly 24 inches wide and about 23 inches deep. It can easily fit under your countertop. You have total control of the functions of this dishwasher. It’s got a multifunction LED display which can show you the remaining time of the dishwashing process. A 19-hour delay function is a big help to schedule when you want the dishwasher to run.

The Bosch 500 series dishwasher is made to perform quietly, with only a 46-decibel rating. It has sanitize options, an EcoSense to reduce energy consumption and half-load cycle to save on water further.

Product Features


The Bosch 500 series fully integrated dishwasher has real stainless steel fascia panel as well as stainless steel interior. Its LED multifunction board shows the remaining time in its display. It’s got a wide handle for easy door opening. All of its function buttons are located on top of the dishwasher.

Dishwasher performance

The SHX55R55UC is the quietest dishwashing machine in its class, operating at only 46dBA. It is equipped with four wash cycles plus two additional options. The Sanitize option increases the drying results of the machine aside from eliminating bacteria. The dishwasher is also equipped with a proprietary InfoLight Beams that shine on the floor to let you know that the dishwasher is still running. Moreover it has a 19-hour delay function for your convenience, allowing you to schedule when you want to run the dishwasher. Likewise, it comes equipped with a registered AquaStop, a system to protect against leak.


One very convenient feature of the Bosch 500 series is that it is capable of running half load cycles if you only have a small load, thus giving you great savings in power and resources. It is one efficient and resource-saving machine, which could save you more than 280 gallons of water each year, even exceeding the Energy Star water requirement by 69%. It is Energy Star-compliant and only consumes 259kwh annually. Its registered EcoSense system further reduces by 20% the dishwasher’s energy consumption.


The Bosch 500 series has the capacity for a 14 place setting and an adjustable upper rack. The dishwasher had duo-flex silverware basket and 500 series racks. It is equipped with an extra-tall item sprinkler to clean items that are 22 inches high.


This 500 series dishwasher from Bosch has a full stainless steel tub with concealed heating element. It has a five-level wash system and triple filtration system. It is NSF certified with a light indicator when the sanitation program is running. There are two upper rack cup shelves, a small upper rack for cutlery and a spray head for baking sheets.

Product Summary

The Bosch SHX55R55UC 24″ Stainless Steel Fully Integrated Dishwasher 500 series is an efficient dishwasher that not only gives a kitchen a modern and stylish look. It is a hardworking piece of kitchen appliance that keeps your dishes and utensils thoroughly cleaned and sanitized. It has so many built in cost-saving functions that make this dishwasher a favorite among consumers. It eliminates the need to soak scrub and polish the dishes as it does these functions itself.

The design is sleek and sturdy, with real stainless steel fascia panel and interior tub. It is small in size compared to other built-in dishwashers, saving on space. It is programmable for up to a 19-hour delay; performs very quietly, with the LED panel showing the remaining time for the dishwashing process. It has indicator lights to let the homeowner know that the sanitize function is running. Even with its whole complement of full dishwashing functions, the SHX55R55UC is a resources- and energy-saving machine.

Pros and Cons

Most owners praise the SHX55R55UC’s design, its quiet performance, its simple controls, energy efficiency and its capability to clean the items well.

On the other hand, they complain about the awkwardness of loading items into the dishwasher, the long cycle for cleaning and the fact that the dishes are not dried that well.

KitchenAid KUDS30CXSS 24 in Stainless Steel Dishwasher Review

KitchenAid KUDS30CXSS 24 in Stainless Steel DishwasherKitchenAid has long been known as a big name in quality kitchen appliances. KitchenAid has helped make life more convenient for millions because of its many innovative products. If you are burdened with loads of dishes to wash and are looking for an efficient dishwasher with a big capacity the Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in Stainless Steel Dishwasher can be the best answer to your need. With this dishwasher’s interior 20% bigger than standard tubs tall items which normally will not fit standard tubs can easily fit. Designed to accommodate 15 place settings this 24 inch tub dishwasher is rated well in best portable dishwasher reviews because of its impressive features and performance.

The Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in dishwasher has cleaning features, which other dishwashers in its category do not have. It has high-pressured spray jets that are capable of giving heavily soiled dishes and cutlery a good scrub so dried food deposits are washed away easily. With this feature there is no need to pre-rinse soiled dishes before they are loaded into the dishwasher. Seemingly to complement this feature the Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. dishwasher also has a built-in food disposer to keep the wash water clean and free of food particles washed out from the dishes. This disposer helps ensure that food particles do not end up deposited back on the dishes. This remarkable dishwasher also has sensors that automatically adjust the cycle depending on soil content, load level and/or water temperature so that excellent cleaning efficiency is achieved. Unlike other dishwashers, the Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. Dishwasher has spray arms instead of a central tower. These spray arms allow more wash levels and occupy less rack space therefore maximizing load capacity.

Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. dishwasher has 4 cycle selections and 6 different cycle options which includes a sanitary cycle that is NSF certified to get rid of 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Water temperature in the dishwasher can reach approximately 150-degrees to help disinfect dishes. The Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. dishwasher has an internal heating element that dries dishes faster thereby reducing spotting on dishes especially on glassware.

Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. dishwasher is made of commercial grade stainless steel which gives it a sleek exterior. Its stainless steel interior aids in drying dishes faster because stainless steel has excellent heat-retaining and water condensing-properties. The Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. dishwasher has an upper and lower rack both made of high quality nylon. The racks have fold-down tines to keep loose dishes in place and to provide space for large dishes. In the absence of a cutlery tray this dishwasher has a large silverware basket that can be moved and divided in different ways or fitted with covered slots.

Aside from the excellent features of the Kitchen Aid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. dishwasher it is also several notches higher than other brands in its category in terms of energy efficiency. Energy star qualified, it utilizes 7 per cent less energy and 20 percent less water than the maximum allowed. This dishwasher has an economy cycle for washing lightly-soiled dishes that would help you save further on water and energy since lower temperature, less water and time is used. The KitchenAid KUDS30CXSS 24 in. dishwasher also has a delay start feature which is an added energy saving feature that automatically turns on the dishwasher during off-peak energy hours when electric rates are lower. In terms of sound ratings, this dishwasher from Kitchen Aid has a sound decibel level of 49dBA, which is 4 dba quieter than the average sound rating of the top 18%of the best dishwashers.

All these fine features of this remarkable dishwasher come with a high price though. With an MSRP of $ 999 it is 28% more expensive than average placing it in the top 23% of higher-cost dishwashers.

Danby DDW1899BLS Built-In Stainless Steel Dishwasher

Danby DDW1899BLS Built-In Stainless Steel DishwasherMost housekeepers want a dishwasher that will not occupy too much space in the kitchen but still has full functions for efficient, fast and energy-saving service to keep dishes and utensils thoroughly clean.

The Danby DDW1899BLS is a built-in 18-inch wide stainless steel dishwasher that is small enough to fit in a small space yet powerful enough to provide the best convenience and efficiency to washing dishes. It is budget-friendly. With a depth of 22 inches and a height of nearly 33 inches, it will conveniently fit in minimal space in an apartment or a condominium. The Danby DDW1899BLS is one of the best dishwashers suitable for dishwashing jobs on a small-scale, yet with the power and efficiency that budget-conscious consumers look for.

This very efficient, full-function stainless steel dishwasher is manufactured by Danby, an electrical appliance company based in Findlay, Ohio. The 66-year old company started as a family-owned manufacturer that began its business in 1947. The company has built a reputation for manufacturing high quality and competitively-priced small electrical appliances for the home, with their products meeting and often exceeding environmental standards for safety, with ETL, NRTL, CSA and UL certifications.

Product Features

Small size

Danby DDW1899BLS is a compact-sized stainless steel built-in dishwasher that is only 18 inches wide and 22 inches deep. It will fit snugly underneath your kitchen counter and with its neat stainless steel exterior will provide a decorative look to your row of under-the-counter kitchen cabinets. One of its main selling points is its capability to fit in a very small place within a moderately sized home. It has a capacity for an 8-place setting, that is enough to handle a medium size load of kitchen utensils and plates.


Savings is practically what all people particularly homemakers look for when buying appliances for the home. With Danby DDW1899BLS you not only save on cost for the appliance is reasonably priced, you save on space and water as well. Danby DDW1899BLS integrated dishwasher requires only a minimal amount of water. In some areas where water pressure is low or in an apartment complex where the water supply is not that abundant, this dishwasher is very ideal. With its low-water feature, the minimal amount of water required by the dishwasher will effectively clean dishes and utensils that have been used for one whole day.

Economical use of resources

It is not only water that Danby DDW1899BLS saves. The whole system is an all-around cost saver. The integrated dishwasher has an automatic detergent and rinse agent dispenser built into the appliance, distributing only a measured amount of the required cleansing agents to clean the dishes and utensils, giving the owner additional savings.

Other features

The Danby DDW1899BLS is Energy Star-rated. It has a built-in water softener that makes the dishwasher suitable for use in areas where hard water is present. Not only is its exterior made of stainless steel, its interior and its spray arm are also made of durable stainless steel. It has seven wash cycles and its electronic controls are simple and easy to understand.

Product Summary

Almost everything that you look for in a dishwasher you can find in the Danby DDW1899BLS. It is small and compact, its design in very sleek and contemporary. Furthermore, it is a very reliable piece of kitchen appliance. It is very economical, giving savings where it counts: water, cleaning agents and power consumption. It requires only the minimum of kitchen space and its design can add a contemporary and modern look to a kitchen. It is a well-built and durable kitchen appliance that is built to last.

Pros and Cons

Almost everything is positive about this small-sized but very up-to-the-task kitchen gadget. It can fit in a small space that is 18 inches wide, 22 inches deep and 33 inches high. It has a low-water requirement that makes dishwashing more economical and faster. Its built-in automatic detergent and rinsing agent dispensers do away with wasteful use of cleaning agents. Its stainless steel exterior and interior assure homeowners of many years of use.

The only thing that could be considered negative in the Danby DDW1899BLS is that it only has 8 place settings. Larger dishwashers have 12 place settings, but still, considering its size, the Danby DDW1899BLS is still a good choice.

Danby DDW1899WP 8 Place Setting Portable Dishwasher Review

A busy mom has a lot of things on her plate. With all the necessary preparation for the children and husband, there is really no time to clean dishes. Simple tasks might be done haphazardly or worse, not be addressed at all. Kitchen cleanliness is important because it is one of the dirtiest areas at home.

Danby DDW1899WP 8 Place Setting Portable DishwasherThe Danby DDW1899WP integrated dishwasher is the best for people who experience time constraints when it comes to kitchen cleaning. This product will clean the dishes that come in contact with the family members at home.

You do not have to pay a lot for water because Danby DDW1899WP 8 Place Setting Portable Dishwasher has a low consumption. It is eco friendly and it is perfect for the resource conscious mom of today. It consumes a minimum amount of water compared to other dishwashers. Little water is wasted in the process. Even though the water system in the house or condominium that you live in is weak, this product can make your dishes look new.

This small dishwasher is perfect for small homes. It has a compact size, which measures 18 inches wide and 8 places set up. It is just perfect for people with small to moderate number of people. It can handle messy dinners even if it is small. Usually a typical family holds a lot of appliances and they cannot give up space for some key items. Good thing, this product is just small and can be put on the corner of the kitchen.

The Danby DDW1899WP integrated dishwasher has a time saving feature. It can be put on delayed shutdown, it has a basic timer and intensive shut-off. It can be used by a busy homemaker who doesn’t have time to look after the dishwasher.

You can do a lot of things while the dishwasher is running. One can clean the counters and remove the utensils from the table. Mothers can put away the leftovers and do other necessary house cleaning duties. Juggling kitchen tasks is easier when there is a helping hand ready to reach out.

The advantages of having the Danby DDW1899WP integrated dishwasher are as follows: It needs less water compared to other dishwashers. No need to worry about water expenses and prolonged waiting time. It is a good investment when it comes to kitchen dishwashing power and kitchen space. It has a time management program that will let the user decide the time it can wash the dishes. The only disadvantage of this product is that it only has 8-place setting. Some homemakers who have a lot of people living at home might want a bigger item.

Many people choose Danby DDW1899WP integrated dishwasher because of its quality material and popular features. It is perfect for people who want assistance when it comes to taking care of their homes. It is silent and sleek. It will not disturb other people in the house. Even if you have limited space, you can still take home one of this.

SPT 18-Inch Portable Stainless Steel Dishwasher Review

SPT 18-Inch Portable DishwasherThe SPT 18-Inch Portable Stainless Steel Dishwasher is yet another home dishwashing buddy that is quick and works efficiently. The dishwashing unit is compact but the amount of place settings it can hold is up to 8 place settings, an impressive volume for its small size. Since the unit is also portable, it is best for those living in an apartment and those who have small kitchen space.

The built of the SPT 18-Inch Portable Stainless Steel Dishwasher is only 17.7 inches in length which makes it very compact and can easily fit into small spaces. The unit is designed specifically for space-saving economy and thus, making it portable so people can move it around when space is not enough. Its stainless steel interior looks very smooth and polished and gives a classic vibe. It durability is reliable especially for heavy-duty washing cycles. Do not worry about big utensils. Its upper basket is adjustable which means even bulky kitchen utensils can fit in it. It also has a faucet adapter which connects easily to any kitchen faucet. The faucet adapter does not require any installation as well.

One of the best features of the SPT 18-Inch Portable Stainless Steel Dishwasher is its time delay program. For busy moms or if you are spending the days out, you can set the unit to do clean the dishes at your desired times of the day.

Although the unit is compact, it has a huge capacity perfect for mid-sized families. It has 8 place settings with six wash programs – speed wash, all-in-1, rinse, heavy, normal and light – which means it is completely efficient weather you have only few dishes or you are cleaning up after dinner with your friends. If anything goes wrong while you are having an operation with the SPT 18-Inch Portable Stainless Steel Dishwasher, it will display fault codes to alarm you with the problem. The unit will also remind you whenever it is running out of rinse aid.

The SPT 18-Inch Portable Stainless Steel Dishwasher is Energy Star certified which means the unit is energy-efficient. It also includes a one-year limited warranty which includes both installation and the maintenance of the unit once problems arise.

The SPT 18-Inch Portable Stainless Steel Dishwasher offers a lot of pros which makes it a good buy if you are looking for a reliable dishwashing unit. It is portable and so it is easy to carry and move from one place to another or if you are transferring to a new home. It has versatile programs that will remove different kinds of stains from all sort of kitchenware. Its delay programming system is beneficial for people with a busy lifestyle. The error alarm allows for a very minimal supervision only. You do not need to check the unit every now and then. However, there are very few disadvantages with the SPT 18-Inch Portable Stainless Steel Dishwasher. Its hose is very short and the heavy washing cycle may take a long time to finish. Still, the unit is a good choice and offer excellent features.

SPT Countertop Dishwasher Review

SPT Countertop Dishwasher SD-2201WThe SPT Countertop Dishwasher is one of the most rated of dishwashers in Amazon’s dishwasher category. Garnering good reviews in the best portable dishwasher review, this energy efficient countertop dishwasher ranks third in Amazon’s best sellers in the dishwasher category with an average rating of 4.4 stars out of 5. This efficient, economical and reasonably priced dishwasher is an excellent kitchen appliance addition you can consider if you are living alone or with a small family.

Measuring 21.6 x 19.7 x 17.2 inches and weighing 48.5 lbs., the SPT countertop dishwasher can easily fit in standard countertops and cabinets. Its spotless white finish would look clean and neat on your countertop and its stainless steel interior has the winning edge when it comes to durability and ease of cleaning.

Because of its size the SPT countertop dishwasher is the perfect choice for houses and apartments with small kitchens and for office kitchens too. It can efficiently provide your dishwashing needs if you are living alone or with a small family. The well-designed interior can fit a maximum load of up to four standard place settings.

This stand-alone dishwasher is easy to install. It can be connected directly to any kitchen faucet without requiring any direct plumbing or permanent installation. By just using your hand to screw on a couple of tubes at the back of the dishwasher and replacing your faucet head with the adapter provided the SPT countertop dishwasher is ready to do your dishes. The SPT countertop dishwasher has a full panel control console with 6 six wash cycles to choose from.

The SPT countertop is a space saver and is known for its efficiency despite its size. Its cleaning efficiency has been rated well. This small-sized compact dishwasher is capable of effectively cleaning your dishes even those that had not be pre-rinsed and overly soiled. By ensuring that dishes are stacked properly and the appropriate amount and type of dishwashing detergent is used those extremely soiled dishes manage to come out clean and spot free. This dishwasher is also energy efficient with users noting hardly any increase in their electric bill.

Because of its size however the number and size of dishes that you can load is limited. Dishes that are more than 10” in diameter cannot be stacked straight up but at an angle. No effect on cleaning efficiency though has been noted if this is done. Another feature that has received negative comment is its cutlery box with a lid with holes to support cutlery. Half of the holes are meant for chopsticks, which are not commonly used so you end up removing the lid to fit all the cutlery to be washed. Again, you end up leaning on each other because of the absence of the lid, which should have kept them in place while washing.

Getting a total of 133 reviews with 85 giving 5 star ratings, 31 giving 4 star ratings, the SPT Countertop Dishwasher is a hot item to consider. For its price of $ 239.00 and free shipping getting one could be a wise step to save valuable time and energy.

Samsung DMT800 RHS

Samsung DMT800 RHSSamsung is a trusted brand in electronics and other products. One of their superior electronic products is the Samsung DMT800RHS, which in its class, is a very quiet dishwasher. The stainless steel dishwasher comes equipped with Samsung’s own StormWash technology. This unique feature in this model of Samsung dishwasher bypasses the need for pre-washing or pre-rinsing your dishes. With its effective and quiet performance, its spray jets are set at several angles, powerfully spraying your dishes and utensils to make sure that these are cleans and sanitized as well. Samsung made this an intelligent kitchen appliance. It can automatically detect how dirty your dishes are and select the cycle that will clean your dishes the best. It is also equipped with a cancel ability so that you can add more dishes and restart the cleaning cycle.

The Samsung DMT800RHS is almost 24 inches wide and 25.25 inches deep. Its height is adjustable, from nearly 34 inches to almost 36 inches. It has a touch screen control panel, hidden heater position and a stainless steel tub.

What makes the Samsung DMT800RHS work quietly at only a 49-decibel rating? The dishwasher has an advanced insulation for its motor, so you do not have to schedule your dishwashing chore to avoid disturbing people who are still sleeping inside your home or your children doing their homework. This feature is great when you have guests at home, as there is no noise to interfere with your conversation. Further, the dishwasher comes with a six-layer door, which effectively shuts in the noise. The dishwasher is so quiet you’re likely to forget that you’ve turned it on.

Product Features


With its heavy-duty power washing system, you do not have to spend time pre-rinsing your dirty dishes and utensils. The Samsung DMT800RHS has several rotating spray jets with enough power to remove food particles from your dishes and clean them at several angles. Place your dirty dishes and hard to clean utensils at the dishwasher’s Power Zone located at the bottom rack above the StormWash wheel so these can be scrubbed efficiently. It has six wash cycles and three water spray arms positions at the three levels of the dishwasher.

Stainless steel tub

The dishwasher’s tub is made of stainless steel. It not only resists staining, it also speeds up the drying process as it retains heat. The heating element is also hidden by the tub, allowing you to wash and dry plastic items at the lower rack without any problem and prevent plastic containers from melting.

Flexible design

The Samsung DMT800RHS comes with two silverware baskets allowing you to organize and distribute your silverware for a cleaner outcome. There are removable tines on the upper as well as the lower racks and the upper racks have clips and cup shelves for easy loading and unloading.

Digital leak sensor

Although leaks may be rare, a digital leak sensor is included in the dishwasher as a safeguard. It is even of advanced technology, which allows the sensor to spot a small leak that is about 1 ½ ounces. When this happens, the machine will automatically shut off before water is released, which might damage your floor. In most dishwashers, the leak should be quite significant before a “float” is raised that will trigger the auto shut-off function of the dishwasher.

Product Summary

Among the larger dishwashing units for home use, the Samsung DMT800RHS is one of the top-rated. It is NSF-certified for sanitization, is energy efficient and uses a low amount of water. It is very silent and offers you many cleaning cycles and wash options. Its full features, its roomy interior and three levels give you the option to distribute your dishes, silverware, pots and pans in the labeled sections to get the maximum cleaning power these items need.

Pros and Cons

It is not surprising that many owners of Samsung DMT800RHS are very satisfied with this dishwasher. It is Energy-Star rated, NSF-certified, very quiet and has a StormWash technology that gives the most efficient and powerful angled cleaning method. Its door liner and tub carry a lifetime warranty while its electronics and racks come with a five-year warranty.

However, the one thing that this dishwasher lacks is a rinse-only cycle that is found in other dishwashers. It is also not yet equipped with an option for air-drying, which most dishwashers are now including to make a more eco-friendly machine.

LG TrueSteam LDF8072ST Review

LG TrueSteam LDF8072ST 01LG TrueSteam LDF807ST is one of the units included in LG’s TrueSteam line of dishwashers. It is fully integrated with the latest technology of TrueSteam Generator and the EasyRack Plus system. These are just few of the many reasons why this LG TrueSteam unit is an excellent choice. The TrueSteam feature avoids the need to pre-wash your dishes prior to loading in to the dishwasher. The steam-focused was cycles will eliminate even the toughest baked-on leftovers on your pots and pans. Heavily soiled utensils and kitchenware will still come out clean after the cycle.

LG TrueSteam offers the quietest washing among other dishwasher units. It inly produces up to 45dB of sound which can be the lowest rank among all dishwasher brands and units. LG has made it a point to design the LG TrueSteam to produce less noise by using fewer moving parts. Additionally, the unit offers 14 place settings each load – a considerably large load of dishes already. Most dishwashers are built with two racks but LD TrueSteam has another small rack on top which is more appropriate to use if you are to wash only a small utensils and fewer kitchenware. According to the energy guide, the unit only uses $27 of energy per year.

This LG TrueSteam unit has seven different wash cycles – steam power, normal, quick and dry, quick and rinse, rinse only, steam dual and steam delicate. It also offers six additional options – extra dry, rinse only, extra rinse, rinse, and sanitary. These features only give the optimal results for any type of dishwashing types.

Though this unit offers a lot of features, it lacks with a heated dry option. The unit is built, however, with a hybrid drying system which is said to be more energy efficient. Although both systems can dry out water from the dishes and kitchenware, the heated dry system is a much later technology.

The appearance of the LG TrueSteam is very polished and the smooth appeal is achieved by its uniform pure stainless steel covering the whole of the unit. The controls are all on top of the dishwasher door. They become hidden when the door is closed which make it look cleaner and plain. All the controls are touch-sensitive and they are very easy to use. Even those who are not familiar with digital stuff can use it with ease.

The most impressive feature of this LG TrueSteam is its warranty. Most dishwashers units have one year warranty for parts but this unit is covered for two years. Aside from that, the unit is also covered with a one-year warranty on labor in case malfunction arises and a five-year warranty for racks and other faulty electronics. The tub and door liner have a lifetime warranty.

All in all, the LG TrueSteam is a great option if you are looking for a dishwasher with tons of features. Its TrueSteam technology avoids any hassle in your part because you do not need to manually pre-wash your dishes. With its low sound level, your TV viewing and chatting with friends will not be disturbed.

KitchenAid Superba EQ KUDE48FXSS

KitchenAid Superba EQ KUDE48FXSSThe KitchenAid Superba EQ KUDE48FXSS is one of the quietest dishwashers available in the market. An energy efficient dishwasher will drastically reduce your energy and water consumption that will lower down your monthly utility bills. In the long run. Considering your current utility costs, upgrading to an energy efficient dishwasher will save you a lot of money.

Aside from being quiet, it is Energy Star compliant and has an estimated cost of $30 annually to operate. When it comes to energy consumption, this one has an estimate of 279 kilowatt-hours.


This dishwasher has ProWash, normal wash, light or china wash, one-hour wash, heavy duty and rinse only cycles. This adds convenience to the dishwasher. It also has 6 wash options that include hi-temp scrub, top rack only, and ProScrub. This option eliminates pre-washing of your dishes. The dishwasher also comes with indicator lights on the front of the unit as well as the cycle status display. Whenever there is a cycle running, the front indicator is lit, then the cycle status displays the progress of each cycle performed.


This dishwasher is the standard 24-inches wide, 34-1/2 inches high and 27-1/2 inches deep. The control panel is hidden when the dishwasher is shut closed. You can also choose from 4 different colors, black, stainless steel, white and panel ready. If you are to choose the panel ready form, it can be customized to blend with your preferred decoration in your kitchen.


It is backed with a standard 1-year warranty for parts and labor. On top of that they the manufacturer also includes longer warranties for other parts of the dishwasher. The rack and electronics are already covered for the 2nd through the 5th year after you purchase the unit. The door liner and the tub is backed by a lifetime warranty, a great deal compared to other manufacturers.

Help and Support

If ever you are in need of serious technical support or plainly want some queries answered regarding the product, you will not have a hard time looking for help. Help is accessible through phone, email, live chats or even to some social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter pages. KitchenAid also provides FAQ’s and a user manual that is accessible online for quick reference.


Being Energy Star compliant, KitchenAid has a top-rack only wash feature that allows you to clean smaller loads to save energy and water.


In line with KitchenAids means of help and support. KitchenAid does not include online tutorials for this unit.

Overall, the KitchenAid Superba EQ KUDE48FXSS dishwasher is definitely an energy efficient dishwasher, and it also features a very low sound level of only 46dBA. It also features a ProWash cycle and the ProScrub option to clean your dishes in an efficient manner. As it offers quality performance, energy-saving and efficiency, you will definitely get your money’s worth if you are to purchase this dishwasher. It has an estimate cost of $30 annually to operate and 279 kilowatt-hours worth of energy consumption. Going green has never been to stylish, quiet and efficient.